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    Texas Takes A Major Step Toward Economic Independence

    Today the Texas Senate passed the TNM-backed HB 483, the Texas Bullion Depository, and will be forwarding it to the Governor’s office for his signature. The bill provides the legal framework to establish and administer an official state depository for precious metals. But it does much more than that. It sets up a mechanism so that Texas gold can be brought home.
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    TNM Loses A Friend

    The Texas Nationalist Movement has lost a friend.  After a long battle with lymphoma, former State Representative Leo Berman passed away Saturday in Tyler, with his loving wife and family members by his side.
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    Urgent Action Needed Today

    Your urgent action is needed TODAY in SUPPORT of HB 1150 & HB 483. Both have been voted out of committee and will face their final hurdle on the floor of the Texas Senate tomorrow (5/22). If you are already familiar with HB 1150 & HB 483 then scroll to the bottom of this article and start calling. If not, read on to get an overview of why these pieces of legislation are important in support of Texas independence.
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    TNM Initial Legislative Victories In Sight

    Before the start of the 84th Legislative session, Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, laid out a list of legislative priorities and specific pieces of legislation that TNM would be working on and supporting. These were other than the obvious referendum on Texas independence that TNM is pursuing. Most of the declared legislative priorities as well as specific pieces of legislation centered around the cultural and economic areas of our mission. Today, we are happy to announce that the TNM has made it farther in the Texas Legislature than we have ever been.
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    Is Representative Jonathan Stickland 'The One'?

    A typical politician floats into office via pretentious hot air balloons of empty promises and plenty of strings-attached dollars; once safely in his seat of power, said politician promptly disregards his "convictions" and slavishly follows the most advantageous lobbyists and most rewarding legislative cliques—anything to stay in office for a few decades. There are exceptions, however, and Texas Nationalists are watching one of them closely: Jonathan Stickland, a young firebrand representative from Tarrant County.
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