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    Open Letter From TNM Executive Director: The Future of TNM

    I'm excited to accept the role of Executive Director in such an incredible time in the history of our movement. The success we have seen over the last year has been impressive. Today we are only weeks away from the completion of largest petition effort in our organization's history and with our continued hard work we are closer than ever to seeing this issue on the ballot. It is during this exciting time that I get the pleasure of sharing with you the incredible answer to what is next for the Texas Nationalist Movement.
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    TNM President To SREC's McCloskey: "I'm Your Huckleberry"

    A recent email railing against a giving Texans a vote on independence, sent by SREC representative for SD 5 Mike McCloskey over the Thanksgiving holiday, has struck a sour note with the Texas Nationalist Movement. And the TNM President, Daniel Miller, has fired back. In his response, Miller, throws down the gauntlet by calling for McCloskey to resign and challenging him to a public debate. You can read McCloskey's email at this link: We have preserved McCloskey's email, typos included, for the sake of accuracy. Miller's response is below.
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    First Thanksgiving Was In Texas

    Thanksgiving and gratitude have marked important milestones in the life of Texas for hundreds of years. The first Americans who lived here saturated the land with a spirit of thanksgiving. In the words of Sister Joseph Hobday, "Years of prayer and thanksgiving have come down to Americans in the soil of Texas and breathing through the trees."
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    Meet TNM's New Volunteer Director - Regina Cowan

    Long-time volunteer and leader in the Texas Nationalist Movement, Regina Cowan, has formally accepted the role of Volunteer Director for the organization. Cowan, who has served over the years as a County Coordinator, Regional Director and District Director in the TNM, has most recently been serving as the interim Volunteer Director. This week she formally accepted the role moving forward.
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