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    TNM Supporters Help Us Reach Over 300,000

    The Texas Nationalist Movement would like to thank our sustaining members for stepping up over the last several days. Because of the commitment made by our new and existing sustainers, the TNM has been able to reach over 300,000 Texans with the message of Texas independence over the last 72 hours.
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    TNM President Pulls His Book From Amazon

    President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, today pulled his book “Line In The Sand” from Amazon.com. In an email to the Amazon offices, Miller stated, “I respect the right of any merchant to sell the wares that they choose to whom they choose under the terms that they choose. I also believe that we must be consistent when we take public stands on complex political and social issues. It is because of Amazon’s lack of intellectual and moral consistency that I must now take a stand and remove my book from Amazon.com.”  
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    Politico Swings And Misses On TNM/Putin Story

    The Texas Nationalist Movement was the subject of a recent hit piece on Politico that attempted to link together all of the current boogeymen that frighten the left - the TNM, the Kremlin and right-wing ideologues. The underlying tone of the piece tried to suggest that the efforts of the TNM were just a part of plan to destabilize the United States. But TNM President Daniel Miller is defiant in identifying the hypocrisy.
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    TNM Goes to Austin for a 4 Day Event

    The Texas Nationalist Movement is proud to announce our participation in the Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2015. Volunteers from across the state have dedicated their time in the hot Texas summer to promote the opportunity of Texas Independence and share the spirit of Texas Nationalism. 
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    TNM Extends A Hand Across The Border Following Devastating Tornado

    Just moments after taking shelter themselves, TNM members in Val Verde County sprang into action to aid in relief efforts for their international neighbors in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. Memorial Day turned out to be just that this past Monday when residents of the sister cities of Del Rio and  Acuña were awakened at 6:30am by emergency alerts warning of a tornado in the border area that is home to over 300,000 Mexican and Texas residents.
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